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Dr. Pamela Seraphine

Leading Expert in Applied Neuroscience for Workplace Mental Health
& Trauma Recovery 

Specialized brain-based consulting, executive coaching, counselling, and keynote speaking services. 

Experience the fearless brilliance of Dr. Pamela Seraphine, a trailblazing neuroscientist, accomplished musician, and esteemed mental health consultant. She challenges conventional wisdom by presenting brain-based strategies and trauma-informed education away from dogma and dysfunctional institutional influence.

Dr. Seraphine is a leading expert in workplace mental health and trauma recovery and is dedicated to empowering first responders, military, elite performers, and high-profile clientele with objective advice and guidance needed to excel in challenging work and life circumstances. Her offerings include top-tier brain-based consulting services, compelling keynote speeches, personalized 1-on-1 coaching, clinical counselling, and strategic training sessions.

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About Dr. Pamela Seraphine

Dr. Pamela Seraphine is a neuroscientist, world percussionist, and mental health consultant recognized for her extensive PTSD, trauma,  and brain health expertise. With over two decades of experience in mental health education, advocacy, and leadership, Dr. Pamela has helped empower individuals from all walks of life. She is a leading expert in applied neuroscience for workplace mental health and trauma recovery,  and the visionary behind the NRTT Method, revolutionizing how PTSD and trauma are treated.

Dr. Pamela has specialized experience working with first responders, military personnel, athletes, healthcare workers, and high-performance executives at community, national, and international levels. Her commitment to these diverse groups has earned her unparalleled respect and admiration.

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People Like Us Value...

  • Uncensored trusted advisors

  • Solutions that address specific problems

  • Sustainable support and guidance 

  • Science-based strategies that enhance peak performance

  • Advanced techniques with real-world applications

  • Goal-driven & result-focused solutions

  • Neuroeducation made simple

  • Unconventional & uncommon wisdom

  • Deep connection & meaningful contributions

  • Edutainment, because the brain loves novelty, creativity & peak experiences!

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What Dr. Pamela's clients have to say

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"Dr. Seraphine has formulated a remarkable synergy between the age-old joy of drumming and modern neuroscience to create a trauma therapy that is is both unique and effective. Her expertises as a clinical neuropsychotherapist and internationally recognised percussionist and recording artist, has given her the insight and skills to develop such an effective program."

Matthew Dahlitz, CEO, The Science of Psychotherapy

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